Friday, 5 February 2010

some other cult movie blogs

Something slightly different this time. Some plugs for some of my favourite cult movie blogs here on Blogger (since finding things on Blogger doesn't seem to be all that easy). Plus I wanted to try out posting links to other blogs, since I've never tried doing that before.

Firstly there's Nigel M's Italian Film Review, which covers pretty much the entire spectrum of Italian cult movies. Mondo 70 covers a truly extraordinary range of movies. Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies, Midnight Confessions, The Lightning Bug's Lair, Tomb It May Concern and Ninja Dixon all specialise mostly but not exclusively in cult films. And I must mention Flowers of Flesh and Blood, a brand new blog but one definitely worth watching.

There are also a couple of good blogs devoted to individual cult directors - Jeremy Richey's excellent Jean Rollin blog, Fascination and Robert Monell's equally superb I'm in a Jess Franco State of Mind.

And although it's not hosted at Blogger I can't fail to mention Kimberly Lindbergs' Cinebeats.

I'm confining myself here to blogs that cater fairly exclusively to cult movies, although there are also some great classic movie blogs here as well. And I've stuck to blogs that deal mainly with the cult movies of that past (which simply reflects my own preference for the movies made before the 80s). If I've forgotten to mention your blog, I apologise in advance. Even after a couple of years I still have problems navigating my way around this site and I've probably just overlooked it.

And I should add that if you know of any other good cult movie blogs that I'm not aware of, please let me know! I'm always looking for more such blogs to read.


© Deliria said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, You've got excellent taste, my friend! Anyway, this is just a tip: do not mark your page for adult content because Google Search does not index your blog. I don't think anything here will cause you censorship trouble without the 18+ warning. Regards! András (Hungary)

Samuel Wilson said...

Thanks for the plug -- and thanks to your recommendation, Flowers of Flesh and Blood has at least one new follower. Two proofs of your good taste in blogs.

Rev. Phantom said...

Thanx for the plug as well--I'm with good company. Also thank you for the comments at my site, they're very appreciated.

dfordoom said...

Deliria: I've always been a bit confused by the very vague wording of Blogger's adult content policy. I've had experience on some sites where even the most innocuous material is regarded as adult content. I'll have to consider changing the adult content setting here.