Thursday, 29 July 2010

Manhattan Baby (1982)

I’ve disliked the other Lucio Fulci movies I’ve seen but since Manhattan Baby was available for rental here I thought I’d give him one last chance.

Well sorry Lucio, but this 1982 effort doesn’t convince me either.

The plot is about, well actually I have very little idea what the plot is about. Something to do with Egypt. There’s an amulet. And an archaeologist excavating a tomb. Some kind of evil is let loose. Maybe it’s a spirit, or a ghost. It seems to form some connection with the archaeologist’s two kids. The archaeologist is left blinded after an encounter in the tomb.

When they all return to New York strange things happen. People disappear although it not clear why or how. The archaeologist turns to an antique dealer for help (apparently that’s what you do when you’re plagued by unexplained occult phenomena which is certainly handy to know). The antique dealer might be evil, or he might not be. Other weird stuff happens, and then the movie ends.

There’s some terrible acting which is not helped by some equally terrible dubbing. There are some embarrassingly lame special effects. Being a Fulci movie there is of course gore, and the gore seems even more unnecessary and pointless than in other Fulci moves.

Generally I love horror movies dealing with ancient Egypt but this one did nothing for me. And generally I don’t mind incoherent plotting as long as the movie has style, but style s something this movie does not have.

I might have found it scarier if I’d had more idea what was going on.

I know Fulci has many enthusiastic fans but I must be missing something because I cant recommend this movie at all.


Shaun Anderson said...

Fulci has almost become a sacred cow amongst horror fans, but like you I'm totally unconvinced. This is a terrible film that is utterly senseless and incredibly dumb. Some of Fulci's films are virtually unwatchable and this is one of them.

Richard of DM said...

Well, I've seen that you've watched The Beyond and Don't Torture a Duckling already and they didn't grab you. You're probably just not a Fulci person. Nothing wrong with that. Definitely a love him or hate him director. However, I'm sorry you've watched Manhattan Baby. I own around 18 Fulci movies including Manhattan Baby and I've never made it to the end. It is just so unbelievably boring! I think it is one of his worst films. Well except for Demonia and Door to Silence and Zombi 3 and and and and and...

So anyway, if you're not totally ready to give up on the guy yet (because deep in my heart, I know you're not), check out A Lizard in a Woman's Skin or The Psychic. They might not make you a fan of the director but they don't suck.

dfordoom said...

Shaun, I just don't get the Fulci cult at all. There are so many great Italian cult movie-makers who get a lot less attention than Fulci does, but who are far more interesting.