Monday, 20 January 2014

new Cult TV blog - yes or no?

I’m currently trying to decide whether to include occasional posts on cult TV programs here or whether to start a dedicated cult TV blog.

Cult TV shows of the 1950s to 1970s are a major passion of mine, so any postings here or on a new blog would be confined to shows from those decades, with maybe a very occasional foray into the early 80s. I run a LiveJournal community for cult TV of these eras but LiveJournal is, sadly, frighteningly and depressingly quiet these days.

I’m not really sure if there any blogs out there focusing on this particular area of interest. If there are I haven’t encountered them.

My problem is that I already run quite a few blogs so I’m a bit daunted by the idea of trying to get a new one off the ground. Apart from this one I currently run a classic movies blog, Classic Movie Ramblings, a vintage genre fiction blog, Vintage Pop Fictions, and a 19th century art blog, Strange Tears.

So what do my regular readers here think? Include 1950s-1970s cult TV series here or set up a specific blog for that subject?

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Kho said...

I would start a new TV series blog so long as its not difficult for you to set up. I'm more into films these days but have enjoyed my fair share of older series in the past so I will be reading your reviews wherever you decide to post them.