Friday, 24 April 2015

eight year blogiversary

I’ve now been running this blog for eight years. And it’s to be hoped I can keep running it for quite a while to come - one of the things that has surprised me is that after 1260 posts I haven’t yet run out of movies to write about!

I have noticed that my tastes have changed somewhat. I seem to be reviewing more science fiction movies and not quite so many horror movies. I’ve also noticed that my reviews have become significantly longer - looking back to my very first post, on the excellent 1931 pre-code shocker Svengali, I’m amazed by how brief and perfunctory my review was.

On the whole I’ve enjoyed the blogging experience, and I’m still enjoying it. Now I’m off to watch another movie - I have to keep the posts coming!


Alex B. said...

Congratulations, yes - the blogging experience is an amazing thing!

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Congrats from me too, I've clocked up over 1,400 posts in the 5 years I have been doing this, on my blog. I was going to stop but find I have lots more to write about .....