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Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (1982)

Female Teacher: In Front of the Students is a 1982 entry in Nikkatsu’s roman porno cycle.

Reiko (Rushia Santô) is a new teacher at a tough high school. Her male students are rowdy and uncouth and the girls aren’t much better. Unfortunately Reiko doesn’t quite have what it takes to win their respect. Then one day, in the female teachers’ locker room, she is raped by one of her male students. She does have one clue to her assailant’s identity - a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that he dropped in the shower while raping her.

Reiko has her suspicions as to the rapist’s identity and decides to do some investigating. She thinks it might have something to do with her decision to drop one of the boys from the school tennis team. Rather unwisely she allows one of her female students, Kumi, to help her. Kumi has already tried to initiate Reiko into the joys of lesbian sex. Kumi suggests breaking into her boyfriend Takuya’s house to look for evidence and as a result Reiko not only gets raped again, she gets held prisoner and subjected to various indignities. And she learns that tennis racquets can be used for all sorts of sexual purposes. Takuya rapes her and Kumi, not to be outdone, rapes her as well. For Reiko it’s a weekend of humiliation and degradation and the most humiliating part is that the orgasms are so good. 

She also suffers the worst sexual indignity that any woman can be subjected to - having tennis balls hurled at her. I honestly had no idea that there was such a thing as tennis as a sexual fetish but it seems that there is.

Apart from countless sex scenes there is a mystery plot here. Reiko still doesn’t know who raped her the first time. She’s obsessed by the idea of finding the answer. She still has that jigsaw puzzle piece but the problem is that it seems that jigsaw puzzles are popular with all the men in this town. The piece turns out to be, fittingly, part of a female thigh from a Modigliani nude. 
She discovers that one of the downsides of being an amateur detective is that you get raped a lot. The upside is that sometimes the getting raped part is pretty good. And her friend Shoko assures her that all women like the idea of being raped. Well Shoko likes the idea anyway. 

As you may have gathered this is is not a movie that could even remotely be described as politically correct. If that bothers you, or if the idea of a movie that revolves largely around rape bothers you, then don’t even think about seeing this movie. 

Rushia Santô as Reiko is a capable enough actress and she’s a very lovely lady and she spends a sizeable part of the film’s running time naked. Rina Oka as the breathtakingly depraved Kumi is very impressive and also frequently naked. Kyôko Sagami plays Reiko’s friend Shoko and yes, she gets to take her clothes off as well. If extraordinarily beautiful nude women are something that appeals to you then this movie delivers the goods on that front. It might seem strange to say that a movie mostly about rape is a very female-centric movie but that’s the case. It’s not that the male actors aren’t competent but the focus is on the women.

As with all the Nikkatsu roman porno movies it’s all softcore and there’s no frontal nudity but the sex scenes are quite intense (and sometimes disturbing) and the three lead actresses don’t keep their clothes on for very long.

Yasuaki Uegaki spent most of his career as a director making pink films and he certainly knew how to shoot sex scenes. Apart from that he manages a few atmospheric scenes in the deserted school buildings that almost have a gothic hint to them.

Nikkatsu was a major Japanese studio and their roman porno movies tended to be well made with fairly high production values. This film is no exception.

Impulse’s DVD offers a good anamorphic transfer. There are no extras apart from a trailer but there are liner notes by pink film guru Jasper Sharp.

Nikkatsu made a whole series of Female Teacher films, all of them being unrelated apart from featuring female teachers and sex.

Female Teacher: In Front of the Students is very sleazy but it’s sleaze with a certain amount of style, and with hints of the weirdness that makes Japanese exploitation movies so fascinating. The plot does have a few twists and there’s even a love story although it’s a sleazy love story. Mostly it’s a dark sex thriller and as such it’s highly recommended.

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