Tuesday, 1 June 2010

around the blogs

Some of the interesting cult movie-related blog pieces I've read this month:

Describing Night of the Bloody Apes as a grisly, nudity-spiked apetastic romp is one way for Flowers of Flesh and Blood to make sure I see want to see it!

At the Lightning Bug's Lair a review of The French Sex Murders which looks like a fairly entertaining early 70s giallo.

The Horror!? has a write-up on a late 50s Japanese ghost movie called Ghost of the Well (which sounds like a must-see if you enjoy Japanese ghost stories as much as I do).

The review of A Bullet for The General at The Celluloid Highway makes me even more anxious to see this spaghetti western.

At She Blogged By Night a review of Atlantis, the Lost Continent, a rather fun early 60s Hollywood sword & sandal flick.

Ninja Dixon has me all excited about Turkish pop cinema, esecially 3 Dev Adam which sounds like a total hoot.

How can you go wrong with a movie called Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity? At Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies the Vicar of VHS makes it sounds irresistible.

Colt .38 Special Squad, a 1976 film by the very underrated Massimo Dallamobo, is reviewed at Italian Film Review.

And at I'm in a Jess Franco State of Mind a Jess Franco movie I hadn't even heard of, La Casa de las Mujeres Perdidas.

And at Fascination a look at one of Jean Rollin's least known films, Lost in New York.


venoms5 said...

NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES is right up your alley, D! There's two different versions on the BCI disc and it's paired with a huge Mexican horror favorite of mine, CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE!

I agree with you on the Japanese ghost movies. There's not enough of them easily attainable on DVD. GHOST OF YOTSUYA (1959) is a major classic I've been trying to obtain for a while. A friend of mine has it on laserdisc. KWAIDAN, ONIBABA, KURONEKO and the doom laden SHURA immediately come to mind.

A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL is a must see political western with an ace cast. I love that one.

COLT .38 SPECIAL SQUAD is really good, too. Bozzuffi was also in another similar movie called STUNT SQUAD which is also very much recommended.

dfordoom said...

venoms5, I have a copy of Night of the Bloody Apes, in a boxed set called Crypt of Terror: Horror from South of the Border, which I highly recommend. Not absolutely fantastic transfers, but six very cool Mexican horror films for a ridiculously cheap price.

The Snake Woman’s Curse is another Japanese ghost movie worth seeing. Made in 1968. And Chûsei Sone's 1972 Immortal Love (also released as Hellish Love) is a great movie by an underrated director.

venoms5 said...

I have SNAKE WOMAN'S CURSE. I just like the earlier Japanese horrors a little better. I also got THE VAMPIRE DOLL (1970), LAKE OF DRACULA (1971) and EVIL OF DRACULA (1974). The second one is my favorite of that trilogy. It was also released in some areas as JAPULA of all things. You seen those? If I remember right, there was a UK box set, but the quality was inferior compared to the Japanese discs.

venoms5 said...

I've not seen IMMORTAL LOVE, by the way.

dfordoom said...

venoms5, I haven't seen any of those movies you listed. There are virtually no Japanese horror movies from any period before the 90s available here. They all have to be ordered from overseas. But I'm anxious to check out some of those titles.

dfordoom said...

Immortal Love is usually regarded as a pink fim and was in fact part of Nikkatsu's "roman porno" series. But like so many of those movies it can't even remotely be considered as even a softcore film. The sex is incredibly tame.

And like so many of that series it's actually a very good movie. An excellent ghost story/supernatural romance.