Thursday, 4 May 2023

White Rose Campus (1982)

White Rose Campus: Then Everybody Gets Raped is a 1982 Nikkatsu roman porno movie and it’s one of the most extreme entries in an often very extreme cycle. But it does offer some surprises.

It’s all about a school trip. The girls from the White Rose Academy are off to spend three days at a lakeside resort, accompanied by a young female teacher.

Two young men are planning to hijack the bus. There were three but one got cold feet. So the other two find a replacement, a middle-aged guy with a tampon fetish.

These three hijack the bus. They decide that some of the girls aren’t pretty enough for their purposes so they kick them out of the bus. The remaining girls are subjected to nightmares of sexual humiliation.

Nemesis for the hijackers is however on the way in the form of two guys in a truck. They picked up the not-pretty-enough girls and now they’re intending to rescue the others. The honour of Japan is at stake.

The brutalisation of the girls continues when the bus reaches stops at some kind of abandoned hotel.

And then the plot twists start to kick in. There are lots of twists and some of them come from right out in left field. It’s the truly bizarre plotting that makes this movie worth seeing. You will be left shaking your head in wonder and amazement.

This being a 1982 Japanese sex movie there is of course quite a bit of optical fogging so you don’t see any frontal nudity. Which in this case just comes across as bizarre. No mount of optical fogging is going to reduce this movie’s shock value or make it any less sleazy and dirty and grimy. You might not see any frontal nudity but you will see things that would be considered pretty strong meat even in a US hardcore feature of this vintage. The sleaze factor is off the scale.

Curiously enough you can’t really describe this movie as misogynistic. This is a movie that regards the entire human race with contempt. The hatred of men comes across more strongly than any hatred of women. Every single male character is not only loathsome but pathetic and ridiculous. The girls, even the bad girls, are much more sympathetic. But it is a sexually brutal movie.

Kôyû Ohara directed lots of these movie for Nikkatsu, including the S&M classic Fairy in a Cage (which is a rather good movie if the subject matter doesn’t bother you).

The acting is fine although frequently wildly over-the-top. But the whole movie is over-the-top so the performances are appropriate.

Even with the optical fogging there’s lots and lots of nudity. And lots of sex.

If you’re easily offended don’t even think about watching this movie. You’ll have heart failure. Consider yourself warned.

This movie bears a strong resemblance to the 1969 American sexploitation roughie She Came on the Bus which is also an odd depraved movie but not as depraved as White Rose Campus, and the U.S. movie lacks the latter’s bizarre plot twists and all-round weirdness. But the basic idea is the same.

The Impulse DVD offers a good transfer without any extras. The only audio option is the Japanese language version, with optional English subtitles.

White Rose Campus may be a sleazy grimy exploitation movie (very very sleazy and grimy) but it has a rather ambitious plot which doesn’t go where you think it’s going. If you can cope with the subject matter it has a certain interest. Some of the Nikkatsu roman porno movies don’t just push the edge of the envelope when it comes to bad taste, they rip the envelope to shreds. You’ll have to make up your own mind whether to see this one. As movies of this kind go it’s more interesting than most.

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