Sunday 1 January 2023

cult movies that excited me in 2022

Some of the cult movies that excited me in 2022.

Pasquale Festa Campanile's The Slave (AKA Scacco alla regina AKA Check to the Queen, 1969). Euro-decadence. A tale of dominance and submission, but not necessarily sexual. It's more complicated and twisted than that.

Just Jaeckin’s Gwendoline (1984). A kinky sexy adventure romp, inspired by the fetish comic strips of John Willie.

The Kyoto Connection (1973). A Japanese psycho-sexual thriller starring Christina Lindberg.

Jean Rollin's The Living Dead Girl (1982). An intelligent thoughtful zombie movie with plenty of gore.

Bruno Gantillon's Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (Morgane et ses nymphes) is a 1971 French erotic horror movie with a definite surrealist tinge. A strange entrancing dreamlike movie.

Luis Buñuel's masterpiece of surrealism, Belle de Jour (1967).

Dimis Dadiras's The Wild Pussycat (1969), a very stylish twisted Greek exploitation movie.

Jess Franco's The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (1982), a deceptively simple rather witty look at sexual mores.

Paolo Cavara's Plot of Fear (1976). A giallo with its own distinctive flavour, at times slightly ironic, slightly humorous and slightly fantastic. It’s also perverse and sleazy.

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Spartan said...

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay is a phantasmagoric piece of horror erotica on par with some of Rollin's work from that era.